With 46 years of market experience being leaders in the category for adding value to the concept between coffee shops and casual dining, always seeking to evolve the experience of traditional coffee shops in Mexico.

It started operations in the year of 1971 and since then it has maintained a continuous growth, positioning itself as one of the chains of family restaurants preferred by its innovation in dishes, excellent service, and young and casual atmosphere.

It is a socially responsible company, and owns the Distinctive H to ensure its exceptional quality.

As part of the UN Global Compact, we develop programs that link us with communities, proof of this are our 100% Mexican products such as the jam made by artisans from the community of Santa Rosa in the Sierra de Guanajuato, Mole Doña Yolanda, created by Mazahuas women in the State of Mexico, Granola Mazahua, made in the State of Mexico, among others that with the purchase of each one of them at a fair price, the communities obtain a better quality of life.

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